• Are you having difficulties in managing the intensity of your emotions?

  • Do the intensity of your emotions often feel like they are going to annihilate you or the people around you?

  • Despite your desire for closeness, do you continue to experience intense conflict in your relationships?

  • Do your impulsive behaviors continue to cause you a lot of shame and remorse?

  • If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, I am the therapist who is committed to the relentless pursuit of helping you create behavioral change.

Penny Kruger, LCSW.  Started the DBT Intensive Outpatient Program for Seton Behavioral Health in 2006.

My style of therapy is supportive, however, I am willing to tolerate the discomfort it takes to move towards behavioral change. I have been in practice for 20 years treating men and women who were struggling with impulsive behavior patterns. My experience has included many specialty issues, including anger management, self injury, sexual compulsivity, and binge/purge behavior.

The work I have done in these areas has shaped me in many ways. My practice has become much more "skill based" over the years. I have learned that most of my clients want me to take an active role in their treatment. I teach the skills that we ALL need to manage the delicate balance of acceptance and change in our lives. People already possess many resilient qualities, and these skills are meant to build on the strengths that we already possess. We can not change our biological temperaments, but we can certainly learn skills that will help us to feel like a "better fit" with our lives.

                                                  8500 N Mopac, Suite 402, Austin, TX 78759 | (512) 848-9430
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